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 +{{public:​hp_20100304-1.jpg?​200 |}}**Hsi-Pin Ma (馬席彬)**
 +Associate Professor\\
 +[[http://​|Department of Electrical Engineering]] and [[http://​​|Institute of Communications Engineering]] \\
 +[[http://​​~dtc/​|IC Design Technology Centre]], [[http://​​|National Tsing Hua University]]\\
 +101, Sec. 2, Kuang Fu Rd., Hsinchu, Taiwan\\
 +Tel: +886-3-5162206,​ Fax: +886-3-5715971\\
 +E-Mail: <​>​\\
 +Office: Delta Bldg. RM 965 (台達館965室)\\
 +Lab: Delta Bldg. RM 839 (台達館839室)\\
 +[[http://​​calendar/​embed?​​ctz=Asia/​Taipei|My schedule and office hour]]
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